Monday, August 10, 2015

The Heart, Chemistry and What Not!

Why does the stars stop shining when it falls under the shadow of another planet? Isn't the star brighter and mightier than the planet that cast the shadow? Why does human life with innumerable possibilities and aspirations seems to collapse with the eclipse? Why does the human heart suffer from pangs of grief when the star in life is eclipsed?
What is love? The un-conditional acceptance of a person as part of ones life and feeling happy with the mere assurance of the presence of that person in your life till the cold hands of slumber, comes searching for you. But if love is the unconditional acceptance, then why can’t man accept the loved one un-conditionally. Without any riders and without any condition, has anyone ever truly accepted another as part of them? If marriages are the fulfilment of love, why is it that men brawls out in the public, when things go adrift? If family is about trust and love, why does married men seek the comfort of strange women, when their wives are there at home? What prompts a bachelor to seek comfort in a married woman and attain the peak of bliss in her presence, when he is well aware that her soul belongs to another? I have no clue nor do I have a ray of hope in understanding the chemistries of human heart.
Men believe that love is from the soul, un-corrupted and unconditional. But when the glitter of the infatuation, fades with the passage of time, cobwebs starts to grow on the love. When the sun has stopped shining and things are seen in the grey of darkness, man  realizes that his love has always had the riders. The riders change the feeling of bliss in love to an unacceptable baggage for the other to pull throughout the life.
For the family, the image of the man exist in the way the family wishes it to be construed. For the woman the man loves with his riders, he is the cold iron knotted on her ankle which pulled her down, to the bottom of the ocean, where no sunlight and life ever exist. From the cradle where one gets born to the coffin, he is finally put to rest in, he is always almost alone. Family, a friend, a lover, all exists but none joins you in the cradle of birth and neither do they join you in the deadly hallows. They promise to hold your hand through the rough seas and assures you that, nothing will pry open the grip of their fist on your heart.
Can an average man stay alone and never seek companionship / attention / the feeling of being wanted? Can he always bask in the bliss of solitude? Would he not for even a moment crave to be let known that some other soul on earth lives happily because he is existing? Co-travellers blesses man with their valuable time and advice, but then leaves him when the crossroads of fate looms upon them. The moment, the fellow travellers bid adieu, doesn’t the heart feel the grief that he never belonged in the companions dreams.
Some paths when treaded alone, makes one comprehend how meaningless the promises that were made before. Solitude is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Blessing because, it makes one be the best of friends with himself. A curse because, solitude embarks one on a path of feeling left alone and not warranted by a single soul on earth and the purpose of existence itself seems lost in between the path.
When does a man truly die? When his body stops functioning or when there exists not a single person on earth, who seeks him? Some people even though dead scores of years back, still exist and physical death seems to be joke for them. If nothing else, physical death has only made them larger than they were in real, while they existed. Some people though very much alive as on now, are deader than the dead. They don’t exist even in the heart of another single soul, so as to qualify them as living.
Why is it that reason has no reason to be present while the heart does the thinking? The chemistry of human heart defies all logic and sets course on a journey which adheres to no reason. Even at the time when heart crashes and the logic of brain drives it inside, that this was bound to happen, why does the man fall prey to grief and anguish? Can’t he learn to trust his brain and not his heart to make decisions and follow suit? Alas the chemistries behind human thoughts, of the heart and the brain, defies the mans comprehension.
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