Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Resignation Mail


It has been a great experience being part of the XXXXX company and working with you all. The learning experience and sense of belonging was great, but now having completed 15 months with XXXXXX, through nagging health-problems, I feel the imminent urge to take decisive steps about my future.

I was hired as xxxxxx and was happy with the kind of work that was handed over to me initially and I believe I did do a good job with those assignments. But of late, I am not personally happy at the end of the day, because many a time the assignments that I get to do, lacks the intellectual challenge I expect.

Further, my family is against my continuation of employment at a far away city from home as age is catching up with my parents. Since my job is not bringing me happiness, I think it will be better for me, my family and also for the Company that I resign my position with XXXXXXX. I personally feel I am a misfit into the corporate lattice, with too many not-important people in the real sense sprawled all across over above and below me. I feel the urge to have a little space for my self and XXXXX has failed to provide me with that.

Please accept this mail as my resignation notice. I would like to quit immediately, but if the company feels that I should serve the two months notice period, then I will be happy to oblige and follow the formal resignation procedure.

Regards & Thanks,
September 25, 2011

(NB : I couldn't stop myself from laughing after reading the last resignation mail I send and no wonder they dispensed off with my notice period! )

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