Tuesday, December 13, 2011

still i bleed red

The drubbing at Old Trafford by Mancini's crew, riding on oil barrels and the Champions League exit at the group stages, went much un-noticed by me. For one reason or the other, my weekend football and champions league mid-week nights, have not been working for me. I slept through the Manchester United - Arsenal, game !! 8 - 2, the score read !!

Old Trafford is all about bleeding red and being on the top again. Three of the last four Champions League  finals and one cup home. Admit, Barcelona have been more effluent in Europe, but then everyone else too is clueless about the life that seizes the ball while it is in the legs of the Catalan's. It will be mastered and the Red Devils would always loom around in the top of club football.

The treble in 1998-1999, that was the first year I started watching English football. I started watching, because the young me thought it was 'cool' to have a favorite team and to identify the players. I was never the best of a football player, someone who ran a lot and seemed to get to kick the ball, in school. College was not much different. I couldn't ever master the moves.

It takes much more than a champions league exit at the hands of Basel to end my fascination for the club, it is not just about the football shrouded in the Red's locker, it is about the Theater of Dreams, the history, the passion, the fierceness that the Manchester United FC brings in.


  1. Interesting topic to mull amidst the brethren in black robes!!

  2. Like!Like!Like!
    And couldn't agree more with the conclusion!

    P.S.- Also, totally identified with the "cool" thing that it was to have a favorite team and all... :)


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