Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Mulaperiyaar" - the damn dam

The damn dam has been around someplace at least once every month on my daily news paper, from the time I care to remember. Maybe familiarity of the words, always made me think, I knew the picture and never fill the vacuum, with intelligence. I never gave it a thought, never cared to check; it was a far off prediction, never bound to happen. Even now I am not quite sure that the dam would break, something to say about the goodness of the predecessors of democracy.

My state went on hartal today, as it always does, when the air whiffs of catastrophe. This being said, the last time my state  went on hartal was against the increased fuel price, about 2 weeks back and something sillier the time before that. One may call it the expression of life under the fundamental rights in a democracy, but then the 'benevolent king lover' in me can see only a bastard child crying, while his mom don't care. The pessimist could then always say, maybe someday the mom would get tired of cries and heed. Mulaperiyaar Dam and the division of the State of Kerala right by the center are reasons big enough !!

I wasn't at liberty to sit on my bean bag and join the hartal, becoming one with the voice of the multitude, resting the tired limbs and perhaps helping the steady growth of the revenue for Kerala Beverages Corporation. Themis wasn't inclined to join the protest, she believed in dispensing justice and contributing to the cause. Two days back, when the Asianet News reporter screamed through the mic, for a moment I wished Tunisia and Egypt was about to happen. The damn dam would present me the dream civil war, but then that a wish too huge to make true, at least till about the time I cease to exist.

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  1. Forget Civil war in Kerala. The State's gentry will be too busy organising and enjoying Hartals to think or initiate a civil war let alone live.
    The damn State, the damn people and the damn dam ,godamn them.


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