Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Mulaperiyaar" - the damn dam

The damn dam has been around someplace at least once every month on my daily news paper, from the time I care to remember. Maybe familiarity of the words, always made me think, I knew the picture and never fill the vacuum, with intelligence. I never gave it a thought, never cared to check; it was a far off prediction, never bound to happen. Even now I am not quite sure that the dam would break, something to say about the goodness of the predecessors of democracy.

My state went on hartal today, as it always does, when the air whiffs of catastrophe. This being said, the last time my state  went on hartal was against the increased fuel price, about 2 weeks back and something sillier the time before that. One may call it the expression of life under the fundamental rights in a democracy, but then the 'benevolent king lover' in me can see only a bastard child crying, while his mom don't care. The pessimist could then always say, maybe someday the mom would get tired of cries and heed. Mulaperiyaar Dam and the division of the State of Kerala right by the center are reasons big enough !!

I wasn't at liberty to sit on my bean bag and join the hartal, becoming one with the voice of the multitude, resting the tired limbs and perhaps helping the steady growth of the revenue for Kerala Beverages Corporation. Themis wasn't inclined to join the protest, she believed in dispensing justice and contributing to the cause. Two days back, when the Asianet News reporter screamed through the mic, for a moment I wished Tunisia and Egypt was about to happen. The damn dam would present me the dream civil war, but then that a wish too huge to make true, at least till about the time I cease to exist.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Equality !!

Equality, the one thing every one talks about. The son to father, the wife to husband, the convict to the girl who got raped, and in all other spheres and lattices of human existence, we crib about equality. I find no pleasure in a world where everything is equal, the respect, the wealth, the cars, the even responsibility. The only image of a city when men supposedly had equal wealth is of Communist Russia and the Big Brother listening, with the Secretariat and the PB living like kings in the land of equal though. I absolutely feel despise towards such an existence, where my neighbor has the same shaped house I live in, drives around in the same kind of car I drive about, goes for holidays to the same places I go, and invariably have the same menu for dinner!! 

Before God, I do not fathom a notion that all men are equals, the Bible says about the heaven and hell and purgatorial. So does every other religion, about the men who obeyed the commandments and the ones who failed to, the rewards to be reaped and the stones to be collected. If the world of dead, from all the wisdom in all the religions, couldn't create equality 'down there' or 'up there' as one would want to call it, I find no reason to believe he envisaged men equals.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson from Uncle Sams land, "all men are created equals". I got lost in my research to find out what truly Mr. Jefferson meant with those exact words. The best and easiest one I followed was by Harper Lee in his "To Kill a Mocking Bird". He talks about Jeffersons equality through the words of Atticus, the protagonists father, a lawyer by profession and a very noble one at that. Defending a negro who is alleged to have raped a white girl, back in the 1930's with the coloured segregation still very much in existence, he goes quite brilliant and describes to a jury, "some people are smarter than others, some people have more opportunity because they are born with it, some men make more money than others, some ladies bake better cakes than others...but there is one human institution that makes a pauper the equal of a Rockefeller, the stupid man the equal of an Einstein. The institution Gentlemen is the Court...and in our Courts all men are created equal." Probably equality before the law is all what Mr. Jefferson might have meant, as suggested by Atticus.

Themis is supposedly blind to both the prosecution and defence and 'just' wins the day or maybe she is blind to the 'just' and not the other way round. But then, who am I to say, a tiny weeny infant, who has just started to suckle from her bosom and do not yet comprehend the magnanimity. Mr. Balakrishna Pillai could get a special pardon, while some poor folks who stole copper wire from the electric post, do undergo the full term of imprisonment. Mr. Jayarajan had the money to appeal before the Supreme Court to suspend his sentence and listen to him all over again about the contempt he been charged with, while some poor party worker who committed a murder by mistake following the orders of the Party find his life being wasted within the four walls of a prison cell.

Equality, I fail to fathom a world where there truly existed this innuendo !!

Monday, November 21, 2011

graffiti on the loo-walls !!

My ever upset tummy, every time I am away from home have made sure, I have seen a good number of public toilets. In moving trains, dorm rooms, to the crowded bazaars in old Delhi. At the worst of places and, boy some  nightmares, I always wanted to forget. The graffiti on the wall, I have always seen, but never really bothered. Train toilets were the ones, wherein I found the most illustrative ones, or maybe I had more time to check out, the time I did my act of dispensing every morning, on my overnight journeys.

porn sketches, miserable scribblings and more than once messages spreading the word of God too. I aint kidding, I have read "Praise Jesus and I love Jesus", scribbled over some porn drawing in more than one toilets around. I am sorry, I shouldn't be surprised, because I live in a land, where writing on everything that they get their hands to, is the ideal way of being a little illustrative of the emotion.

I wouldn't want to be an hypocrite. I have done it myself once. In a train's loo, and I was in 11th standard. It was a challenge, a friend dared me and another friend to do, we did it. I wrote some lines from the ticklish pages in Harold Robbins, made into my way of talking. And my friend, wrote a rhyme, like lines similar to some of the songs 'Eminem' sings. It was an act of cockiness of the teenage, for a challenge and there was no pleasure in the act of writing, but the thing we were to win. I do not regret, but do think about it as stupid to have done, for a silly challenge.

The biggest of surprises I had, after my share of 18 months in the corporate marbled world and its shinier stink free loo, did wait for me. The walls of the loos in The High Court at Ernakulam. Boy some very good artists do exist, and I don't believe the litigant world would ever have the heart to do it. Maybe some of my fellow lawyers or maybe the staffs in the Court. But yeah, they do adorn the walls. The higher you go, the sketches grow scarce. There exists a healthy war between, the artist and the zestful social fighter. 

Some other photos I took on my phone, would probably get me arrested for my admission in the blog, for putting up pornography and contempt, all in one go. I am in no mood to get behind the bars, after getting to see the loos over this side :) But then I did want you all to have a share of Mr Artist and Mr Dump.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Counsel, what do you have to say? "

I have been making good progress, understanding the labyrinths of the legal system for the last one month, since I have taken up advocacy and being a member of the BAR. My progress in terms of reality would amount to identifying the Judges on the Bench and having a little know-how of what subject comes before whom. And sure I am familiar with some interesting facts, out of which cases have been spun out, from the files of my Seniors. The law involved, many a time, I fail to comprehend, but the stories, I remember.

I made the walk to the High Court, with my head held high, amidst all the chaos and rush caused by the Red-Volunteers and the Khaki Enforcement personnel , in protest to the 6 months imprisonment of the CPIM leader, whose foul mouth didn't find much admirers on the Bench and Contempt of themis, the Bench observed he committed. I had a fool-proof brief, I was familiar with the facts, the law involved and all that was required was the answer to my statements made on Thursday by the opposite counsel. I believed he didn't have much grounds to argue and then the agencies of State was on my side, on Thursday while I presented my case.

I made the walk to the front of the Court-room majestically, mentioned about the party for whom I am appearing and the other Counsels did their part of introduction. The Judge looked at me and said, Counsel, proceed. I didn't understand, what the Judge meant by 'proceed'. Was it to proceed from where I left of last time or was it to proceed from the beginning? I had seen the Judge take down notes last time I spoke, so he must be familiar with the things and from where I spoke last time, there was no place else to proceed. I fumbled, not understanding the path to proceed and stood like an idiot, talking mumbo-jumbo about the case, nowhere as nearly as good as what I spoke on last Thursday. The opposition counsel, just kept idle, with a faint smile on the corner of his lips and the only thought inside me was, it was your day to talk about your side of the case and yet you sit leisurely, watching the mess I am in and having the nerve to smile as well. Judge must have been disappointed, because I saw the welcome smile give way to more of a frown and later ridicule.

Then the least expected of all happened, the counsel for the State agencies, who was as verbal as me on Thursday  bragging about my client's inalienable rights and the error apparent on the face of records, did a somersault and said some-things which made him a big good liar in-front of me. Technically he never lied, because on Thursday it was his junior who had appeared and it was the junior who raised arms with me and fought the battle side by side. A new day, a new battle and the allies have been  arrayed differently and I was caught alone, not knowing that members of the Bar would so easily step back from some statements made, because it was never made by them personally.

That was the killer blow and I stood bleeding, with my face turned red, out of surprise and the pain in realizing some truths first hand of the integrity of the Bar. I guess the Judge, took pity and in his order, which was all against what I prayed for,  gave me a piece of wet rag to put over my wounds and try make it heal. I staggered down from the front, dejected than I have felt any time in almost all of my existence, gathering my files and wanting no pity from the spectators nor help. I stepped out from the court-room, silently swearing, and the Junior who joined arms with me on Thursday, who helped me in instilling the wounds, stood waiting just outside and he had the nerve to say - "dude, what where you doing? You had a perfect case, and you messed it." There was nothing about the contradictions in what he spoke the last time and what his Senior enlightened the Court today, definitely not after making a whooping discovery over the weekend about the state of facts. There was no mentioning about anything else, just the killer-punch, giving the final blow to my wounded pride !!

For a moment, I wanted to throw down the robes and ask him to 'Fuck off', because there was definitely an imminent lack of integrity I expect in humans, in a good number of the lovers of themis, but I didn't, I made the long walk to the other Court Room, seeking bail for another one of my Senior's client.
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