Saturday, October 29, 2011

standing in line to be a lover of themis!!

A week is over since I became a lover of Themis, adorning the black robe, lying for my chance to try feel her. There are other lovers about, a lot many of them. A good number much well versed in pleasing her, forget about feeling, but even gets to make love with her. That is a long way to go!!

7 days, it only took, God almighty to make the world from nothing and also catch up a nap. 7 days, lying in wait, feeling more confused than I have ever felt before. In 7 days boards have come up, courtesy of Appa, days have become longer and nights shorter. Lips never had time to think about spirits, and the first night, my first day into the profession, celebrated with just a beer by friends, and I was not the one drinking !!

I been trying my share, wanting to understand the rhythm her heart beats, read and then re-read, because, every thing seems to be her weak spots. A long plunge, and here I am wikipying 'themis'. She seems as divergent as the names of 'lady justice' in the Wikipedia link. Wow, boy now that is quite a list !!

The first client, I haven't yet met. The first pay I received!! Who did ever say, being an Advocate doesn't pay you when you are a tiny weeny baby? Honest friends, who know each others strengths and weaknesses, you could definitely live. People call it a rare breed to friend!! But then, I guess I am blessed in that way.

Themis do have the shadows, patches which lacks charm. Quoting what went to my scribble-pad more than not just a couple of time, will make me the fastest lawyer to get punished for contempt of court!!, But that is one thing I will be blogging about soon, irrespective of contempt of court.


  1. Hi,
    first time here,and I like the way you write. It has a lazy relaxed feel about it.
    It is a different kind of life,going to be,not as easy as biking.

  2. Doc Antony sums it about your self. Hope you continue to maintain that relaxed , well lazy and happy feel through the contempt of court proceedings when and if they come up. Good to know you are at ease and enjoying.


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