Monday, October 17, 2011

'er up to... nothing "

I sat, facing the backwater, couple of nights back when the moon sure looked whole, near to the High Court of Kerala, Kochi. I am on a visit to the High Court, the third time this week. Not during the day, wearing a lawyers gown, but at night, when almost the whole of Kochi goes to sleep. And boy my city sure sleeps early, 10 PM and everyone would be locked inside their homes. Even the three police constables, in front of the High Court looked sleepy, locked inside their glass chamber at the gate.

I have been living quite well these past few days at home. Though 'gyaan' to my little cousin sister, the plates after dinner, utility bill payments and some reading, made sure I never got time to make a visit like all lawyers, during the day-light. I had wanted to have a look again at many a place, I remember from the nights around here. Meet the friends, eat the chips and throw the dart! The smell of whiskey has been around on all three nights, but I don't care about drinking, nor 'not drinking' is bothering me. Have a life to design and wanted the start to be crystal and not slurred.

My biological clock still feels, it is a sin to quit by 12 and wake up early. The time, almost everyone sleeps in my city, I drive about. Wishing not to wake up 'tired' yet again, when it is noon the next day. But, then I would prefer the street lights and a lungs full of the air from outside, than tossing and rolling about on the bed. Awaiting sleep. There is a bridge to be built with the IST and the biological clock, a lot of things to begin and a few to end. But then right now, I feel lazy and would happily answer back to the question, 'what you up to in life?' with  'er up to nothing', with a shy grin  :)


  1. "What next?" A question full of intrigue and a shade of anxiety. 'What next' - How many times one has been asked this question! Every time mind echoing it!

  2. good post. Biological clock also is essential. Sometimes, body will not respond our activities during timeless times. Anyway good post.

  3. Candid thoughts. What next may be an unwarranted, but ubiquitous question thrown at you in such situations. Not that the inquisitive gentry wants to offer or suggest something lively.

    It is also quite anxious moments, what ever comfort is in place back home in the form of understanding and loving parents.

    All said an done try to relax , enjoy doing nothing and give time a chance to bring forth ideas and the paths to take .


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