Thursday, February 9, 2006

Rang De Basanthi

The much awaited ‘Rand De Basanthi’ got released and I went for it along with Indu. Pretty good first half, the funky youth and the kool, freaky style; but they overdid the second half…made the scenes more tragic, overdid Aamir’s Punjabi dialect… and gets themselves killed without spreading catastrophe. The whole gang of Pooh and Lachu were there for the movie, 10 of them. The music is good with the video and the Paatshaal one somehow manages to make me pull off my shirt and dance every time I listen to it. Got a strict warning from home, amma gonna push me outta the place if she finds me playing the Paatshaala again.

hey on second thoughts...its one helluva movie..d blend of grey n colours are superb..n so is the theme..kinda awakens d dreamer in u.....(psst... i realized all this d second time i watched d movie...all alone...again at sridhar...)

Internal Trauma

The loss of a foot or leg is not half as bad. These new artificial limbs have joint which often work better than the real thing, and if you get arthritis you can cure it with the oil can.

When things go adrift between friends, then nothing makes sense. And it is the same now with Fat-ass and Fatso. Fat-ass (a.k.a. Neyimon) got involved with this gal, Neethu (sure I have written about her earlier) and for the record it was she who proposed to him. Holy shit, what did she find him in? My intuition is that his dad’s purse played an important part in the proposal and after the initial discussion Neyimon said yes… the beginning of another lust story. Then sure comes unexpected twist in the lust story and it gets turned into a love story. Maybe the sad, untimely demise of the Kaho Na Pyaar Hai sound alike story of Vicky did the job. But then Neyimon started behaving odd. The relation b/w Neyimon and Fatso (a.k.a. Ammavan) started deteriorating, guys aren’t talking with each other and stuff. Enter me into the scene because, though wasn’t involved from the beginning, I felt it my responsibility to settle their disputes. But Holy Christ, Neyimon is all set to marry the gal. And all of us don’t approve of her, I know it doesn’t matter, but still … my attitude is that it is his life and he can screw it the way he wants it. Screw the bitch or get himself screwed or whatever… and it is the same way Pappu thinks and Chullan thinks and Sid… and we will be there to catch the pieces and arrange the jigsaw if he gets blown apart. But Ammavan is all set and he just hates Neyimon as he hates the gal, and Neyimon hasn’t even tried to make amends. Whatever? Whichever? What so ever? Either things gonna get back as in ol’ times or it gonna get worse? Nope it aint gonna get worse, coz it is at the worst possible place now. Kick some guts and ask the fucking chikka crazy guys to behave like as in the ol days.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

‘Marriages Happen in Heaven’

Sanju chettan got married and Christ another male down the drain. What do people gain by getting married, a companion to listen to and to talk, safe sex when ever required and wat else? It stinks, the whole idea f marriage, sucks. The other day, myself, Hajir Ikka, Althea, Eslitha and the others of the 5ft gang had this talk about marriage and stuff. Myself and Althea agreed on almost everything… like live in setups, getting to know the person better both physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. Needa know if the person in whom u are interested is really worth it to spend the rest of the life with her. Anyways, I believe in living with a person with complete trust and understanding rather than tying the knot and spending the rest of the life cursing the knot. I forgot to add, Gini ammai too got married. I didn’t go for it because, I don’t believe in the Social Institution called Marriage. And by the grace of Jesus Christ, son of God had to attend a funeral on the same day. Any ways met Gini ammai’s hubby and guy seems kool… maybe they could make sense outta the whole marriage.
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