Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today we are red, tomorrow we are dead.

"Heute sind wir rotten,
morgen sind wir totten."

Today we are red, tomorrow we are dead.

The damned clock has kept me away from my blog for more than a fair share of time. Nothing much happened these days, just got pretty cosy with quite lotta seniors. It was the college elections, and by jolly God, I wished Sudhish chettan and Poornima emerged as winners, but alas the jolly God about whom I said wasn’t all that jovial. Both of them flunked. But anyways I became closely acquainted with Pooh n Lachu n Teja and lotta people from that class. Jolly good crowd!

The junior about whom I mentioned earlier has turned out to be a real gem of a companion. She is good, knows quite a lotta things, a jack of all trades and the best part, no strings attached kindda attitude. Maybe she could adorn the post of my companion for some time, but me and a constant relation.. sorry no. The gal is good, and so I aint interested in anything more than a platonic relation. Can’t just take more curse and broken hearts… coz, me n my fluctuating interests and attitude never gonna make me stick with a single person.

Monday, January 9, 2006

Sticking on to New Year Resolution

Sticking on to my New Year resolution till now, i.e; No BOOZE nor Fagg the whole year! Maybe I gonna get soaked in Booze the next year, but 2006 witnesses a complete dry me. No stimulants and nothing what so ever that gonna get me high. I thought there gonna be serious withdrawal symptoms, but nope… everything went fine. And Christ it was easy for me as if slicing butter with a stiletto to say no to booze during parties. I said no from Johar to Chivas Regal, the premium blended scotch whiskey. But booze or no booze, was my ol self… comfortable and at home during the parties. Almost everyone is shocked by this sudden resolution of mine, but as far as I was concerned, booze and cigarettes started letting me down and its mere presence made me say ‘It Sucks’. The guys could’ve been more innovative in their parties and rolled joints, and then maybe I would’ve been still drinking gripping the bottle necks. But I am not and I don’t intend to be this whole year.
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