Sunday, December 18, 2005

Freaky Chakra

Things are back on a roll, i meant about the assignments and seminars and all crap. The viscious circle bak on full swing. College has closed and will reopen on the 2nd of Jan 2006. Another year is fast approaching and one has got its last sunsets coming. i will be shifting with frnds from my Granpas place. No new movies nor anything else. these days am into cricket like hell, plays it every other day in college.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Aint Juniors A Pain in Ass and Fun?

The classes are back on swing. Gotta submit the political science assignment on the 8th. i plan to do the seminar on Budhism, it seems like it gonna fetch me extra internal marks. How kiddish the whole notion is.
The juniors got classes till the evening and these days i got pretty much time to know more about them. i met this junior named Indu and she seems good; not good looking or anything,but the attitude is worth mentioning. maybe i will get to know her better, maybe not. Naziya's marriage is drawing near and i aint going. gotta collect the dough from class to give her a gift. Perhaps we should gift her a jumbo pack of condoms, with all the flavours and variations. then again nothing has been discussed about Xmas celebrations. fatso gonna go with Fatass to Jabalpur for Xmas. It will be just me and Pappu back home.
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