Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Exam Fever

The second semester exams got over by the 31st of October, and the much dreaded first semester results were published. The results held a surprise for me, man I passed all subjects. Though I had written the exams nicely and was positive about clearing all the papers at that time, time brought butterflies into my stomach. They cherished on the knowledge of the dreadful results of yester years and made it their home, multiplied and had fun. It wasn’t just me who passed in all subjects, 33 of us cleared the damn stuff. Seems like a new record in college. So our batch started with making history in college.
The 3rd semester classes are back on swing and things look good as of now. The semester system takes a heavy toll on the students, seems like we are involved in a vicious circle. College elections are on the 9th of December and things are warming up.
I spent a day at Sanjeevani Rehabilitation Center with Remya. Guy the chick is working hard as a social worker. Gotta be in the environment to get a hang about it, lunatics and addicts, mentally challenged and Alzheimer’s… Christ! Only a narrow strip of some godamn stuff makes me and you different from the inmates over there. The screams I heard, and the innocence I saw on their face was some thing new for me. Mabbe it might be because the only screams I ever heard were my demand to mom and dad for new things and accessories.
It rained cats and dogs in Chennai the time I dropped in at Chechi’s place. The city was clogged with water and you know wot! But I really loved getting drenched in the rain and spending time at chechi’s den with hot, steaming coffee that Sheeja chechi made for me.
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