Sunday, October 30, 2005

Still Alive

Days go with splendour and nights in grace. Nothing to complain about nor anything to cry. A very healthy relation with all my class mates and sure the deceased being given the respect they deserve. The seminars are oer and I didn’t do all that bad in sociology and politics. History was a big failure, coz I was seeing free days far ahead rather than checking the things for the moment. Juniors arrived on the 22 and they, the poor kids are being given a extravagant reception by my class mates… jolly well, their classes are suspended for the week and once they come back after onam they will be enjoying the real treat.
Looking ahead to a week of idleness and sheer laziness, couple of days to celebrate and have fun in college. With the new juniors around no one gives a damn about commenting on my latest hairdo or the whacky gestures I make.
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