Sunday, September 18, 2005

Travelogue - To Ammas Land!

We (I, Praneeth and Chullan) started from Thamannam @ around 6pm and reached the Ernakulam North Station to board the Trivandrum Mail. Bharathi was there in front of the station and had to put up with him all through the journey. Nothing of great importance happened during the 14hrs we were in train. Praneeth called it a day very soon and me and Chullan sat chatting till 1:30am.

Chullan’s dad awaited us in Chennai Central along with Chullan’s younger bro and my elder sis. We then moved to Mambalam to his guest house. A three bed roomed apartment near the never sleeping T.Nagar.
Off to the streets in search of merchandise. Shirts and tees for myself and Praneeth, lotta window shopping. Mingled well with the crowd in Ranganathan Street, jelled with the vendors and enjoyed the whole thing. Took a bus to Chullan’s home in Mylapore and had our lunch there.
Spencer’s awaited us and we didn’t waste much time anywhere else. The huge shopping mall, said to be the biggest in South India, with the multi lingual crowd, the exclusive outlets of almost all leading brands of apparels, the cheap fakes that occupy the top floors! Gals in tightly clad denim and halter tops with coloured hair and tattoos and piercing roamed around the mall. And sure we did join the crowd and did browse through shops.
Came back to Mambalam exhausted from the days work and with more than a tired limb to relax. Altogether the day was fun. We were in a city which was anonymous to us and no one there knew about our existence apart from a few. For the rest, we never existed. Planned to make an early entrance to the streets the next day, but it just remained a dream.

Mamallapuram was the destination. Journey by bus till Thiruvanmiyur and then from there the original plan was to board another one to the destination. The buses never stopped for us and after almost 20 minutes of standing in the scorching heat we wanted to back out. Then as the movie title goes "along came a VAN", hitchhiked to Mamallapuram and reached there in real spirits. The ocean in front of us, antique shops lined across the streets… had lunch from ‘Moonrakers’ and then off we went for hunting. The first destination was the temple and it was beautifully carved outta stone, the sea and the salty breeze eating the outer surface and the inner carvings still holding its beauty as new. The statues of Nandis that was sprawled along the border of the temple and the statue of ‘Subramanian’ at the back were all work of artists of another class.
The next spot was the light house and the scene from there was GORGEOUS, any other word can’t give justice to the view. From there to the ‘Five Rathas’ and by the time we reached the five rathas, which was all carved outta single rock, we almost were at the end of our sense. Tired limbs and tired spirits made us board the bus to Chennai and then apart from misfortune of loosing our seats to two old Mozzi fads we were restored.
The next place that we went to was ‘Besant Nagar’. The beautiful crowded beach and the gals taking an evening out with their ‘better halves’ were a delight to the eyes. Ocean surfing and CHIKKA browsing and Fagg worshipping later we headed towards our hole in Mambalam.

The first thing we did was buy sweets from Adayar Ananda Bhavan for Chullan’s family and Pooja. Had the pre-Onam lunch from Chullan’s home and we took the sky train to Chetpet and from there an auto to Spencer’. Praneeth was a little cross because we were late for the appointment with Pooja (the gal who stole Manaz’s heart). She was smarter, kept us waiting for roughly 10minutes and appeared only after we started building second thoughts about the appointment. She wore a black Salwar and was a little too fat. Now, I heard Manaz and other guys saying that she has lost weight over the last couple of months. I can’t help but wonder about her looks of the earlier period. Anyways she wasn’t inhibited, opened to us and after half an hour with her in Landmark, I and Chullan moved out, leaving Praneeth with Pooja.
It was during this one hour that I found a gal who stopped hearts and made the guys give a second and third glance. She was hot, as if straight from the sets of a movie… a real heart stopper, I believe it might’ve been a gal like this who gave Michael Corleon the Thunder Bolt in Sicily. Her face was carved out like that of a Greek Goddess and her complexion was perfect. I bet she would’ve smelt lavender and her luscious lips tasted like honey. I really would’ve given my right arm just to hold her face in my hand… ok. No one demanded my arm nor did she give me a second glance.
Both the P’s came back and together they looked perfect for each other. I made a second bet in my mind, i.e., Pooja and Praneeth will make a better pair than Manaz and her. It was almost time for Praneeth to hit the road back to Kerala. Said byes and shed errrr nothing.With hesitant legs we headed towards the railway station and had our last meal together in Chennai. Praneeth boarded the train and we hanged around till the train left the station.Chullan dropped me at my chechi’s apartment and the next three days of mine started from there.

Hanged around till noon and off I went to the date I had fixed with Krishna (Nahyan’s chat friend). She turned out to be a fat gal with balding head. Christ, I never bargained for this, I wanted out and at last succeeded in flying after an hour with her. I have made a decision, no more blind dates. Straight back to chechi’s place and slept. Wanted to sleep off the mare I got myself into.

Hit the streets early, with 4 shots of vodka down the throat from a disc. The guys in the pub were left astounded, ordered two pegs of vodka, they gave me four pegs coz of happy hours and I finished the thing in exactly 4 swings. Paid the bill and searched the shops for the tee and jean for Sid. Spent the whole day hanging out and at last bought the anti fit jean for Sid. Again I went out with Chechi at night and did a bit more of shopping and after a heart dinner and a long talk with Sheeja chechi (my chechi’s room mate) called it a day.

The day was for shopping, checked out Reebok, Woodland, Levi’s and Adidas factory outlets in Vellacherry and after buying the stuffs I need came back to Egmore. Packed my bag and was ready to hit the road. Dropped in at the Jet Air office and met Chechi’s colleagues and someone over there liked my Goatee.
Boarded the train and Chechi came at 8 after office to say bye and to wish me birthday. She gave me the best gift I got for the birthday and said byes as the train moved. My companions for the journey were, an ex MLA and his wife and my younger sis. We got together well and I slept as I turned 21.
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