Saturday, August 6, 2005


Officially: Government Law College, Cochin.

Unofficially: “The House of Lords”

Location: “Shanmugham Road”, Cochin (in the environs of ST. Theresa’s, Cochin’s premier Gals College…call it a kind twist of fate or wot?)

College Building:
The main building was made by the Raja of Cochin as his Parliament house two or three centuries ago and it still is in the same state with time doing its share of destruction and the students the rest. Two blocks were added around 25 or 30 years before with the building contractor taking his share of cement home and these blocks looks more menacing than the ol’ one made by the Raja. Lawns and recreational areas mean the bush and shrubs that are sprawled all over the campus. Cleaning is never done regularly and the stink from the men’s loo could be smelled even in the Principals chamber. (For the record, people don’t even dare to give a passing glance at the college for fear of being inflicted by the mess.) There are a few special nooks and crannies in the college where lovers try to get a lil’ bit of romance started and the boozers get to sing “twelve men sitting by the dead man’s chest and a bottle of RUM…”

The crowd:
The aam janta in the college is by and large conservative in their dress code and radicals in their ideas (now aint that irony), there sure are a few exceptions. . The guys are mostly found in jeans and half slacks, the gals in salwars and sure the political hyenas go around in mundu and heavily starched khadi shirts.Out of every hundred students, 15 have their eyes on the political thrones, 25 gets their highs in life by catcalling the gals in ST. Theresa’s, 10 are nerds, 10 are happening and they rock and the rest clueless about life. Most of the college girls have a certain characteristic that makes one call them MOM

The college had hostels for both the sex, but around 5 years back it was closed for renovation (its wot the authorities say). The gal’s hostel sure falls under the explanation given by the authorities but the men’s hostel was forced to close down because of the threat it posed for the college authorities and the public. Recently the renovation work has started and only time could tell with what else will the hostel pose a threat to Cochin.

The annual college fest finds the guys in high spirits and most of the gals prefer to stay at home. No college management with a good memory would dare to invite us for any inter collegiate festival, coz in Cochin, the name G.L.C means trouble with capital ‘T’. You name any college within 25 miles of Cochin and not a single college will be there in which we haven’t created havoc. We get invited only for debates and elocutions and sure the hosts find our students bag most of the honours.

The “Convent Junction” area is the favorite hangout of bunkers. The first floor of the olRaja’s Parliament House is the hotspot of the puff daddies.

The college has a long history and it’s sure the premier institute for law in Kerala. The college has had its own share of limelight for both the right and wrong reasons. Sometimes I am so darned proud to be Lawcos and at times when people look at me with detest on showing my id I wish that the dinosaurs were not extinct and they could be whistled to come and gobble me. Good or bad, every single literate person in Kerala who isn’t a juvenile will have something to say about the Government Law College, Cochin.
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