Saturday, April 30, 2005

Another DAY

nothing much is happening.. the same old life, but i am joying the break.. divya sree gonna get married tomorrow and another gal down the drain... poor kids... getting married and losing everything they have.. the freedom, the fun, the relations....
Has anyone ever felt wat a waste life is? being born and then learning lotta crap and at last getting married to a bitch or a rooster and then having kids and then working like hell and at last to be buried or to be burned.. the whole idea stinks.. but still can't do anything to stop it...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

still alive

Nothing is happening for me these days. Am at home, doing err nothing. Fiction,ie, Ludllum and fifa 2005. It makes most of my days and night. Got half a dozen of marriages coming by and am gonna start the run. Hate to go for the stuff but then compared to being alone at home it gives more entertainment. At least different kinda food everyday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Jive was here on the 9th April. Guy has changed. Great, he sounds more mature and cool now. On his advice, i gonna never again get into much details about my personal life in the blog. Gotta be creative and do things with a foresight, things that could help me broaden my life and vision. Has the damn sinus and can't even read. Gotta wait for one week to do some serious salvage work in the fiction department. Long time since i met my school friends, will meet them on the 17th. A long list of pending mails, seems like my inbox is full. Gotta log in today and reply to at least a dozen of the mails.

Friday, April 8, 2005

SCREWED the rules

Long time since I logged in. My fault. Exams got postponed thrice and I slogged the whole time. Nope, I tried to act busy and studious. Things happened all these days, lotta things. I ain't gonna get into the details, coz it contains nothing vital in it for my development. The troubles started when the exams were first announced.

Leepa’s phone calls conveyed to me that Tobin said something bad about Pappu to her. Now the accusation was baseless; someone accusing Pappu of talking bad about the girls in our class. She had asked me not to say it to anyone, but nope Pappu means a lot more to me than my word to her. I said it and Pappu went after Tobin asking about the whole issue. A verbal assault from Pappu and Tobin kept mum. But then our pal Midhun couldn't’t keep to his business and he started his words against me. Ok. Apologies said and accepted. I did do wrong and so did all others. My fault was that I gave out the names of the guys who boozed 3 week ago in my casual careless manner. But then the gals conveyed it to Midhun and his sidekicks that Joseph said, “Midhun and guys spoke ill of Ponni and Co. when we boozed”. Now Leepa said the same thing to me, with a little twist in the tale. Over here the story was like, “Midhun said to Ponni that we guys(me and my pals) spoke ill about the gals on that day”. Great, two sides for the same tale at two places. This is what i say as CREATIVE.

My exams were closing in, but my mind was at places. Me, Rahul, Praneet and Pappu decided to call Leepa and clarify the whole thing. She knew about the ceasefire agreement between our groups beforehand. Now that gotta be the handiwork of Midhun. Nothing happened with our talks with her and things were as bad as they were at first. Niths gave in couple of things that Leepa had said to her about us. The things that the dirty, fat, asshole said about us to Niths were "these guys walk around with you to have sex. You will understand your mistake one day. They gonna rape you finally. I fear to be with Joseph coz I am pretty much sure that he gonna rape me." She even added something bad about Shivani. Jesus Christ, that was the limit. I don't mind listening to crap about me. Hey, I sound more like a rowdy at least in it, but her guts to involve Shivani in it. By god I wish I could slit her dirty throat and rip of the tongue that said bad about my (?). I decided to give her a treatment with her own stuff. The day exams get over (7th April) was fixed for her. The last rites would be given and may her soul REST IN PEACE.

April 7th, one of the worst days in my life. A day in which I forgot my own standards and stooped to the level of that silly weaker being. The things I said to her, Christ I never said such stuff to a girl. I called her a bitch on the face. I said that she wasn't even of the standards of a prostitute who spreads the bed for her meal. I said, "I prefer eating the thing that my dog leaves in the pavement every morning, rather than to have anything to do with her". The threat i gave her was that the next time she drags me or my pals into her business, I gonna go personally to every class and talk about her tits. Now isn't that real DIRTY!? I never knew, I had the balls in me to be bad, really bad to a girl; but it did happen. I would have stayed passive if she never made her wise cracks about Shivani. Christ, it is over. No regrets and it is the first time that I feel a sense of pride after being involved in a fight and being dirty. No more relation with those three smart pieces of the weaker sex, THEY DIED ON THAT DAY. Better the gals stick to their own world, another interference and gotta dig up the grave again for post mortem and it will sure stink.

Somethings are not yet clear, things like- who on earth did say about the talk we had while we boozed to the gals? The suspect is Midhun and he sure has his own hidden agenda to leak out. Then, what does the silly bitch gain by making me and my pals dirty? Lotta things, but i ain't any more interested in it. Things are over and let it be it. No more grave digging by me at least for now.

The worst thing was that dad had a surgery on the 4th april and i was at Cochin at that time. My heart wanted to be by his bedside, a damn bad fever, exams and then was in a confused state. Should i wait till the college reopens to make it square with Leepa? Any way after a long and hideous turmoil i did it.
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