Thursday, September 23, 2004

First March of protest

The seniors forced us to go for a protest march to the Cochin Corporation office.The reason for protest-? Christ knows. we obeyed and i even chanted slogans and held placards,cursing the godamn asshole seniors all the time.I moved away from the group at the first chance along with Pappu(new Classmate),so didnt get belted by the police.Some asshole senior threw a stone at the police and they came with swinging lathis... I was away at a safe distance,observing the scene of poor unfortunate classmates of mine getting belted.The seniors were not any where near.
This is student politics of Kerala-God's Own Country.Innocent freshers getting belted for a coz they do not know and the only reason they participate is because,they are forced to.Christ
gotta go to college tomorrow,only god knows whether my absence was felt by any asshole life on the edges of a razor blade.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

First day @ Govt Law College-Cochin

my first day in the college came out as i Xpected.I was called out before the classes started and then came a saga of abuses.Then the seniors let me go(they found more prospective clients).After class,i was asked to wait and then another abuse session. At last a female dropped in and Xcerpts of what went B/W us-
she- wass Ur name?
she-wanna get cozy with me?
me-silent(prayed,plz earth split by half and gobble me up)
she-why are u silent?got banana in Ur mouth?....
she-am i that bad?

then came an angel and she relieved me from the hands of that bitch and guided me to the bus station.she left only after i boarded a angel for sure..helping freshers..
i gotta go tomorrow to the same college.Christ,it gonna be hard..gotta live.will add in details 'morrow if i don't get killed by seniors.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

My Poor Wallet

Classes starts tommorow and my funds are going low. with everything i've and that people owe me,my net worth is just mere 5k;outta which 4.5k gotta be paid to me by lotta debtors. I have just 500bucks as liquid cash.cant ask parents for more,gotta find a part-time job fast.anyplace,anywhere as long as my crash fund increases. gotta meet couple of HRD consultants and search for a job.If i dont get one fast,i will have to hit the streets....

Monday, September 20, 2004

Misfortunes Of Indian Cricket-The saga continues...

Sourav Ganguly and his men in blue lost their third match in a row to Pakistan.Sehwag,Yuvraj and Laxman gotta sit on bench for couple of matches.Rohan Gavaskar doesn't deserve a place in the squad,c'mmon selectors pick up Dinesh Mongia[he is the most technically sound batsman in India].
The English Premier League results aint great for Man United. Mate they got just 6 points in 5 matches..crazy..the best team suffering fav club is declining just like my savings.

Sunday, September 19, 2004


Spent the major part of day with Lia and Lynn.Uncle and Aunty had gone to Kottayam and the kids were alone. Ammachi,hates me when i switch on television and christ , how can i miss todays cricket ODI b/w India and Pakistan. Chicken and top ramen smoodles and lotta hours of listening to Lia's nostalgic memoirs of school life, her future plans of being in contact with all frnds.... But does she know that it gonna be cruel and a hard world outta school.I didn't discourage her, she needs time to realize that.Let nature take its course.
In short,it was a great day,spending time with cousins and not my grandparents.
The score now suggests that India gonna loose.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Gotta go to the Railway Station

appa and amma gonna come by the 9pm to go to the railway station and pick them.having a damn headache,coz of all the things that i miss in my life

nasty earth

the earth aint a just place to be in. good deeds meet silent backs and bad pointed out every time. try showing ur face to the guy who hit u and he will hit u even harder with a grin suggesting that u are cold meat. so, budha,christ and gandhi and all the preaching of loving thy's neighbour goes to the trash bin.
the only thing that stands tall is E=(M.C)2 ,my pal Einsteins relativity. every single one moves relative to the society and things that the world is huge dark place. the world things that we are dark and bad and the world and us move relative to each other.
tips that i gotta learn from-
1) some one punches on my face,never hesitate.kick on his gutt and make him pray that he was better of dead.

Troy ***

troy wasnt great,but had a nice time watching it. now even i am confused, was it just nice or great? never knows, if it was great the movie critic in me got influenced by my present state. the film would have been better named as Achilles. i felt sad for that guy, coz he gets dragged into a war in which he aint interested in. all the things just becoz a bitch runs away with a young price leaving her king behind. the characters Paris is another piece of shit- he just walked all oer the golden rule " never lust for ur neighbours wife". Brad Pitt and Eric Bana was kool

Friday, September 17, 2004

wanna watch troy

wanna watch troy. heard that brad pitt looks great in in. now pack my ass and gotta gather my wits to do some work that granmom had asked. i am late and she gonna gimme a verbal leashing hhhiiii hhhu life stinks

aint life weird?

nothing looks great. i turned 20 yesterday and christ the only person who wished me was my moma and papa. wat d hell has happened to my friends? classes starts on the 22 sept and the news is that they have dirty ragging. will they stuff coke bottles up my ass? only time can say it.
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