Friday, December 31, 2004


I don't know what has kept me away from my blog this long. Christ wasn't i stuck. Perhaps gotta start typing it from the month of december. The month of christmas and parties. But the only thing i had to do was write assignments and helluva them. Did get close with classmates and our group is getting more stronger both physically (no guy with a level head will take on Sidhu) and emotionally. My friends over here are
1) Pappu - A Kochiate. Loves bikes and gals. But of late he ain't all that interested in chicks. But got helluva contacts, drop him at the most secluded spot in the city and an acquaintance of his will surely turn up. Has joined a gym and plans to be muscles some day. Pappu in itself is a cute name so we haven't given him a new name.
2) Praneeth (4pack) - The guy from Kannur. Has a huge collection of PJ's. Christ, and the way he says it everyone sure will enjoy (even the Pati Savitri type chicks). Is game for anything. Doesn't give a damn about what anyone gonna think about him, coz he is game. Loves fiction(belongs to my breed).
3) Sidarth (Sid/ Sidhan) - The amazing combo of muscles and manhood. Guy weighs around 95 kg and is 6feet 4inches tall. Resembles Big John of the Robin Hood tale. It was only the other day that he messaged to 4pack that he had an erection for 2hrs. Aint that amazing?
4) Leepa (Pachalam) - She ain't all that fat or anything but she gets angry when someone says anything about her weight and we like to call her fatty. the other day she cried coz a dude(senior) commented on her weight. She is more of a gals school type who has just been introduced into the amazing world of guys.
5) Neethu (Niths) - She is THE GAME. Did one year of French and then shifted her interests to LAW. She is open and can form an ultimate female friend,coz she is open like hell. U can talk anything to her and she sure will pour her insights. But i believe she still considers us as kids.
6) Ponny (PP) - A gal with strict morals about life. On asking her what her ideas about her hubby is, she said " i will marry any creep my dad asks me to marry". Is allergic to booze and hated it when some of our clssmates droped in boozed and sure she hates fagging too.
7) Athira - U gotta watch ur tongue when talking with her coz, she believes that guys are bad. Another gals school product. I strictly doesn't wanna write anything more about her coz i can never say wat she gonna think about me if she comes across this some day.
8) Rahul (6pack) - Guy from Jabalpur. Doesn't talk with gals and isn't gay. Got 6 tyres around his tummy and hence this name. Most gals think that he is dumb, but that ain't the case. He doesn't talk to gal coz his malayalam isn't what anyone would say as mallu and try talking in english at our college and sure he will be whipped. Guy is chumma straight and even the gals in our group doesn't talk to him.
9) Zayd (Thallan) - Now i ain't sure if this is the real spelling of his name or what? He writes it this way and the it is Sayed M.... in the class register. An amazing guy indeed. Only god knows why on earth does he bragg about his dad and his flat (the mallu slut Kavya happens to be his next door mate in his words) and .... the list will never end. I believe i could start a new page dedicated to zayd, coz he makes history every single day. Is basically a good guy and has this amazing connections with the Mob in Cochin.
We guys have gone out frquently and sure hangs around even after the college is over. Getting to know more about each other and with time will form a head strong group.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Class Re-Union And TSUNAMI

The School Reunion went fine. or did it? It has been ages since i dropped in at Church. Can u beleive it, i didn't go to church for Xmas. We guys got together at Shankus place and from there went to school the ol' LORDS OF LAST BENCH- Me, Shankar, Sudeep, Sreekumar & Vinod Krishnan. Arun was away at Bombay with his brother. the whole thing started of nicely, but then i lost my heart on seeing Rijil and the crew. Christ i hate those guys. Princi had his boring lectures on and i wasn't all that social. I blasted the breaking the ice ceromony and said my trash to everyone. Guys had to go with me coz, most of them shared my views and i was the only one with the balls to say it aloud. Then Jdev made the explnations and he looks changed. The rest was ok. Gouri still has her stinking smile that has made fools outta Shameer and Suraj and JK and To some extend Sudeep and Sreeku my best side kicks. She needs real whipping man. Divya and the crew looked all strange at me, they had to coz i was weird. Not the ol guy who forgives, but a much more revised version. Who doesnt take crap and with helluva experience .

Dropped in at Sreeku's place after the Re-Union and Indira aunty awaited us with the details about TSUNAMI. Now wasn't that pathetic. Scores of people, innocent ones dying pitifull death. Has god lost his senses? I understood one thing common to humans thet is nothing interests humans as human trgedies. The bigger the tragedy, the more the people gather to have a view of it. Gotta leave the subjects, nothing makes all that sense and i sure am runnin a helluva risk typing it.

Monday, December 20, 2004

long time since i updated

life looks rather stinking these days. havnt been surfing for a long time.most probably will be having free hours once again.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004


lotta things to do at the same time. assignments,journals,couple of essys and... god knows wat else. wouldnt be blogging for another two weeks. sudeep,shanku,me and sreekumar had a smashing week together..but it was followed by this heavy duty stufff. christ wat on earth is happeneing to me.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Pet Peeves

1)Gals who xpect the guys to pick the tab on a luncheon date.

2)Condom ads that show the couple to be oh-so-perfect. What happened to couples with paunches and body hair???

3)The participants of pissing contest in all colleges.These guys walk like they are waiting for Dr.Singh to resign his post so that they could climb in.

4)Malaika Arora’s side profile that shows us that she has teeth that stick out besides having a sexy pout.

5)Call waiting - especially when people hurriedly cut short a conversation becoz they’re getting another call. What the hell? Am I a time filler or whaaaat?

6)Writing a long personal mail, getting disconnected, connecting again after 4 attempts and then being told that your login session has expired!

7)Long queues outside ATMs. That’s when you feel - the world is stinkin’ rich!

8)Peole who shout "dial 911".Apeing of western culture or is it being made an ape by American emergency numbers?

9)The LML Freedom add which features Shahruk Khan with his coloured hair and "Mein Hoo Naa" caption.Will the damn guy pay me the price for petrol.

Thursday, November 4, 2004


Life took its course and all were separated, on their way to chase dreamz. Closeness and affection never altered, it was only ‘the time’, which never made us be with one another. Academic dreams never had a place for buddies; only the ones about a happy tomorrow had friends embedded deep into it. “A tough world to survive and mere survival doesn’t count, only the achievements, success & the big bucks that makes a score”. With all the difficulties of this kind of life, all were attached with one-another; everyone had a mutual affection, which never gave way to anything under the sun. We met amidst our tight schedule.

Pastries and sweets and… mouth still waters thinking of the delicious inputs and mind swells thinking about the love that flowed that day.Later we,the guys did celebrate the union our way-vodka and Floyd. Long time since all gathered under the same roof, it was way back in school- those lovely, beautiful days of life that built in us, a love for each other that could never be snatched or given away for anything or anyone. Say something like atoms in a stable molecule, all are contended with each other and there isn’t a free space for another to get attached with us; it destroys the molecular stability. What made us this close? 12 yrs of seeing each other 6 days a week or a confidence about each other which never gets low…. Good God knows.

Monday, November 1, 2004

The Kennel's Bthday

Its Kerala's bthday today.We had cultural programmes and even some strip tease performance by my classmates.Poor guys thought of coming to college in the traditional mundu and sure they did learn that the actual place for the mundu of a next BIG LIER is as a turban and not at the waist.Even i should've gone wearing mundu and i would've got a chance to show my new Frenchie X boxers to the whole college.Oppurtunity missed.Keep hunting,better luck next time.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Me and Church

Didnt attend mass today.Its been more than an year since i participated in holy mass.Doesnt know why,i dont feel like going to church.Christ knows me inside out and he sure wouldnt keep me on his black list.
The work went fine and damn,it rained heavily.Got all soaked and shivering. All the days work and no payments received yet.Walked for at least 5km,auto tariffs pretty huge for my purse to afford and no buses from the place i work to Sudeeps apartment.From there hitchhiked till the place where i stay.Its all xperience.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

King Arthur

King Arthur- I liked it.These days I prefer watching epic movies.Got plans to go for Vaastu Shastra,another Ram Gopal Varma flick.Guy knows how to make movies.
Started reading "The Inscrutable Americans" by Anurag Mathur.The book is all laughter...Seems like Indian writers are striking it rich.
College is pretty good these days,the seniors feel like they have had too much of me.No ragging these days.

Finally At Last !

I went for the part-time job today.Aint a great job,but has to stick with it at least till by resources get boss wasnt much bossy,but christ his wife's attitude is like that of a jumbo truck;dislocating poor pedestrians(she looks cute though).Tried dominating with english and i went first on the deffensive but then a later thought made me to call my shots.Afterall i studied in a great school,why be feeded crap from a convent educated mem-saab,with her crap language.Its at moments like these that i thank my school,all my english teachers from KG till my 12 std.
All tired.A good shower and then on to bed.
oops i forgot.I met a strange gal at my work place.Another Theresian ofcourse.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Web Of Life

“Web of our life is a mingled yarn of good and evil together”. The renowned English literate Sir William Shakespeare said these words. Now don’t come up with a conclusion that I, the writer am a guy well versed in literature and classics. I’m jus another ordinary being whose only knowledge is the experience that I’ve had in life. The starting line was there in the cover of my English textbook of 12 standard and it got embedded in my heart as the cover turned aged with the graze of my fingers on it.

Now the whole thing is about resolutions and keeping to it. I’m just another mortal who make brave resolutions, follows it for a week and then discards it. The maximum I’ve ever kept to a resolution is 68 days. I always feel that the happiness I’ll get someday isn’t worth the pain I undergo to keep my resolutions. I discard resolutions and I just live my life king size. I want to come up in life, I want to touch the stars and feel the sky and I really want to soar high up in the skies. I recently read “it’s hard to soar with eagles when u work with turkeys”, the turkeys with me are my laziness, my don’t care attitude and mostly my failure in keeping up with my resolutions.

Friday, October 15, 2004

College Lingo

1) Buji - Book Worm / Geek.

2) Ice - Gorgeous gal.

3) Calypso - Guy whose natural behavior is irritating.

4) Éclair - Guy who is all sweet to gals; “lives life the wooing way”.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Ladoo distribution

the KSU guys distributed ladoos in class today. after the enigmatic performance by SFI guys ytrday,i believe KSU is much better. man they give ladoos...
wat shit?someone gotta make sense.ny stinking college and stinking politics..damn assholes.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

L.L.B. The Real Story

You pump your right hand in the air to show your happiness and then you celebrate by gulping down a coke. With a somewhat modest 12th standard average and a non-zero score in the C.E.E., you land yourself in a law seat at one of the four colleges in Kerala. You feel you have emerged victor in your war against reservation-be it for females, S.E.B.C’s or the divine combination of both. But if by any chance you are in it only because mom insisted and your interest is in the dough you think of making after a long treacherous road as a lawyer, think again!

You report to your college, bright-eyed and merry. You notice this person standing outside your class- he has combed hair, is sprouting out a moustache and wearing khadi ‘mundu’ and shirt (both white, as if straight out of a detergent add). His appearance suggests he is a Gandhi devotee. So you go up close to him only to find that he is an imposter. It’s only the first of your surprises. Slowly you start adapting to the professors, obsolete syllabus and the environment. The Photostat guy in the next building becomes your best friend, coz most books are expensive and then not even the experts in the university could decipher the syllabus and suggest a basic textbook.

Seniors look at you like insects (not all the majority). The reason they hate you is that they think that you are getting ahead of them in life. Now you can’t blame them, with the entire course lagging and waiting for almost 8 months to appear for a semester exam, you too would’ve felt the same way. Their frustration comes out in the form of abuse (lots of new words to learn from). They soon check you inside out for dough, getting their hands into your meager funds, they find a momentary victory- they’ve got the better of you. You try and take a fresh breath outside the campus and the cold-blooded seniors further irritates you. Attendance becomes a liability and dreaming about school is the only thing you do in the ambiguously orated lectures.

Your first smile surfaces when you manage to go (without being followed by seniors) to the so-called ‘happening place’ in the neighbourhood- a coffee shop. But when you see the girls from the nearby college harmonizing their claps in sync with the rock beats, you wish to yourself that dinosaurs weren’t extinct and they could be whistled to come and gulp you. And as they clap their hands (the Mallu substitute for head banging) you argue to your city bread friend: “as long as they are enjoying,” only to be shouted down by loud demands to the guy near the music system for K3G songs.

Now your social life is struck, but heart beats on. You pacify yourself by saying that a social life is secondary in a professional college, and it’s what you learn that matters. Thus in the hope of attaining a worthy L.L.B. degree, you stay on. But in five years of last minute journal submissions, xeroxed notes, suddenly announced assignment dates, unpredictable and fluctuating university rules, exam postponements, outrageous examinations, display of results when least expected, backlogs, year drops, protest marches and protest sleepovers, you know for sure: Regardless of whether or not you are ready to be a professional liar, you are ready for the bitch, that is life.

Monday, October 11, 2004


went with great xpectations,but it was quiet a trash.the only things worth mentioning is- the suzuki bikes,esha in a bikini and john abraham.
nothing else stands for the movie.

a break

was busy with classes and aunts disease.she has Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome and man i am hearing it for the first time.trips to bangalore and christ i am tired.
we had a protest march even today.reasons -unknown.
my studies suffering badly.feels tired most of the days and bed is a dream destination.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

First March of protest

The seniors forced us to go for a protest march to the Cochin Corporation office.The reason for protest-? Christ knows. we obeyed and i even chanted slogans and held placards,cursing the godamn asshole seniors all the time.I moved away from the group at the first chance along with Pappu(new Classmate),so didnt get belted by the police.Some asshole senior threw a stone at the police and they came with swinging lathis... I was away at a safe distance,observing the scene of poor unfortunate classmates of mine getting belted.The seniors were not any where near.
This is student politics of Kerala-God's Own Country.Innocent freshers getting belted for a coz they do not know and the only reason they participate is because,they are forced to.Christ
gotta go to college tomorrow,only god knows whether my absence was felt by any asshole life on the edges of a razor blade.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

First day @ Govt Law College-Cochin

my first day in the college came out as i Xpected.I was called out before the classes started and then came a saga of abuses.Then the seniors let me go(they found more prospective clients).After class,i was asked to wait and then another abuse session. At last a female dropped in and Xcerpts of what went B/W us-
she- wass Ur name?
she-wanna get cozy with me?
me-silent(prayed,plz earth split by half and gobble me up)
she-why are u silent?got banana in Ur mouth?....
she-am i that bad?

then came an angel and she relieved me from the hands of that bitch and guided me to the bus station.she left only after i boarded a angel for sure..helping freshers..
i gotta go tomorrow to the same college.Christ,it gonna be hard..gotta live.will add in details 'morrow if i don't get killed by seniors.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

My Poor Wallet

Classes starts tommorow and my funds are going low. with everything i've and that people owe me,my net worth is just mere 5k;outta which 4.5k gotta be paid to me by lotta debtors. I have just 500bucks as liquid cash.cant ask parents for more,gotta find a part-time job fast.anyplace,anywhere as long as my crash fund increases. gotta meet couple of HRD consultants and search for a job.If i dont get one fast,i will have to hit the streets....

Monday, September 20, 2004

Misfortunes Of Indian Cricket-The saga continues...

Sourav Ganguly and his men in blue lost their third match in a row to Pakistan.Sehwag,Yuvraj and Laxman gotta sit on bench for couple of matches.Rohan Gavaskar doesn't deserve a place in the squad,c'mmon selectors pick up Dinesh Mongia[he is the most technically sound batsman in India].
The English Premier League results aint great for Man United. Mate they got just 6 points in 5 matches..crazy..the best team suffering fav club is declining just like my savings.

Sunday, September 19, 2004


Spent the major part of day with Lia and Lynn.Uncle and Aunty had gone to Kottayam and the kids were alone. Ammachi,hates me when i switch on television and christ , how can i miss todays cricket ODI b/w India and Pakistan. Chicken and top ramen smoodles and lotta hours of listening to Lia's nostalgic memoirs of school life, her future plans of being in contact with all frnds.... But does she know that it gonna be cruel and a hard world outta school.I didn't discourage her, she needs time to realize that.Let nature take its course.
In short,it was a great day,spending time with cousins and not my grandparents.
The score now suggests that India gonna loose.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Gotta go to the Railway Station

appa and amma gonna come by the 9pm to go to the railway station and pick them.having a damn headache,coz of all the things that i miss in my life

nasty earth

the earth aint a just place to be in. good deeds meet silent backs and bad pointed out every time. try showing ur face to the guy who hit u and he will hit u even harder with a grin suggesting that u are cold meat. so, budha,christ and gandhi and all the preaching of loving thy's neighbour goes to the trash bin.
the only thing that stands tall is E=(M.C)2 ,my pal Einsteins relativity. every single one moves relative to the society and things that the world is huge dark place. the world things that we are dark and bad and the world and us move relative to each other.
tips that i gotta learn from-
1) some one punches on my face,never hesitate.kick on his gutt and make him pray that he was better of dead.

Troy ***

troy wasnt great,but had a nice time watching it. now even i am confused, was it just nice or great? never knows, if it was great the movie critic in me got influenced by my present state. the film would have been better named as Achilles. i felt sad for that guy, coz he gets dragged into a war in which he aint interested in. all the things just becoz a bitch runs away with a young price leaving her king behind. the characters Paris is another piece of shit- he just walked all oer the golden rule " never lust for ur neighbours wife". Brad Pitt and Eric Bana was kool

Friday, September 17, 2004

wanna watch troy

wanna watch troy. heard that brad pitt looks great in in. now pack my ass and gotta gather my wits to do some work that granmom had asked. i am late and she gonna gimme a verbal leashing hhhiiii hhhu life stinks

aint life weird?

nothing looks great. i turned 20 yesterday and christ the only person who wished me was my moma and papa. wat d hell has happened to my friends? classes starts on the 22 sept and the news is that they have dirty ragging. will they stuff coke bottles up my ass? only time can say it.

Friday, January 2, 2004

New Year Celebrations

Christ went out to celebrate the new year with just 15 bucks. Can u believe it? But then i had Sudip who was loaded. Started from Sea Shells and then it was booze all the way. Myself, Sudeep, Dilip, Jose, Asif, Deepak and Chacko. Boozed like hell and from the seashells carried on towards the other bars in town. Enjoyed every bit of it. But then gotta coz i was with friends. at last dropped in at Sudeeps room and guy wasn't all of us stoned. Two cars and 7 guys and no sense but still we managed till the apartment. Got up the next day and continued from where we had stopped. the whole day and at the end i lost all senses.
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